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GRAFSHIELD™ Graphite Insulation

GRAFSHIELD™ industrial heat management solutions manage radiant, conductive and convective heat transfer with compact, lightweight and durable insulation components. They are specially designed to help customers improve their performance and profitability by reducing their energy and maintenance costs. Our product uniformity and consistent high quality ensure our customers are always getting the absolute best insulation material to meet their needs.

GRI™ Insulation

GRAFSHIELD™ GRI™ insulation is a rigid and sturdy material made with 100% bonded carbon fiber. This product has been a mainstay in several industries for the processing of high-value materials and parts. GRI™ insulation panels feature outstanding durability, typically providing years of service. The strength-to-weight ratio is such that the product features low thermal mass and easy handling while being strong enough to withstand rapid temperature and pressure fluctuations. Available in a variety of panel sizes as well as customized parts, GRI™ insulation is easily machined and able to hold fine detail.

GRI™G Insulation

GRAFSHIELD™ GRI™G and GRI™GG insulation panels feature GRI™ insulation faced on one or both sides with flexible graphite. The flexible graphite sheet layer performs several functions for enhanced insulation performance. This layer acts as a reflector and spreader of heat, increasing furnace energy efficiency as well as hot zone temperature uniformity. The lifetime of the insulation panel is maximized, due to the low permeability of the flexible graphite sheet layer to reactive gases. Furnace cleanliness is assured, as the layer prevents the escape of particles from the insulation layers.

GRI™C Insulation

GRAFSHIELD™ GRI™C and GRI™CC insulation panels feature GRI™ insulation with carbon fiber composite (CFC) facing on one or both sides. The CFC face sheet provides superior impact and abrasion resistance, ensuring longer product life in harsh environments. These products are designed for use in high pressure gas quenching processes as well as other applications that require a high degree of protection for the insulation component.


  • Insulation Stack Horizontal (Web)Excellent insulation properties
  • Low Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low impurities
  • Strength and thermal stability
  • Controlled fiber orientation
  • Consistent quality



  • Efficiency ResulProcess efficiency
  • Superior energy efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Temperature uniformity
  • Long product life
  • Clean processing
  • Customized panels and parts arrive ready to install


  • Graphite Insulation - ApplicationsVacuum furnace insulation
  • Inert atmosphere furnace insulation
  • Inert atmosphere process equipment insulation
  • Semiconductor crystal growth furnace insulation


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