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Advanced Graphite Materials LLC is a world leader in graphite material science with more than 114 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry.

Operations began in 1906 in Clarksburg, West Virginia and our history can be traced back to National Carbon Company becoming Union Carbide Corporation, UCAR, GrafTech and finally becoming Advanced Graphite Materials LLC in October 2017, when the Reineke family from Niagara Falls, NY, purchased the facility from GrafTech International.

Our product portfolio includes extruded, molded or isomolded carbon and graphite materials, carbon or graphite insulation, carbon or graphite foam, and graphite powders. We manufacture them at our facility in West Virginia and sell in over 35 countries to customers in industries such as metal production, electronics, chemicals, aerospace, nuclear, and transportation.


We enable customer leadership, through the creation, innovation and manufacture of carbon and graphite material science based solutions.


We accomplish this goal by:

  • Expanding and exploiting our unique, industry leading positions in new and existing markets
  • Providing solutions that improve our customers’ economic outcomes and performance.
  • Building confidence through our deep material science expertise and our insightful customer relationships.